Saturday, 26 May 2018

Elephants -- Baby onesies

If you search for anything elephant related on pinterest you will always see some baby related items. So this month I've embraced that and have found my favourite elephant baby onesies.

Source: Pinterest

1. Very girly and sparkly.
2. Felt appliqué with simple running stitch, simple and effective.
3. This uses the shape of the garment in the design.
4. A simple but intricate design.
5. Bold and simple design really stands out on this one.
6. Pretty applique elephant in a tutu.
7. Sometimes all you need is some simple stitching to make a beautiful design.
Contrasting patterned fabric in complementary colours.
9. Cute mama and baby elephant print with contrasting trim.

For more elephants visit my Elephants board on Pinterest.
All links above are to Pinterest as some of the items pictured may no longer be available at their original link.

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