Saturday, 27 January 2018

Elephants -- Living room cushions

This month's elephants are inspired by a cushion I bought on my travels to Sri Lanka. On our trip we stayed in Kandy which had a great traditional arts and crafts centre where I bought a pair of cushion covers and was advised that the elephants must always face towards each other otherwise it is bad luck.

Source: Pinterest
1. This cushion brings a bit of sparkle.
2. Beautiful felt appliqué really stands out on this red background.
3. A simple elephant shaped cushion using a stunning patterned fabric and contrasting piping.
4. This cushion feels quite elegant with its combination of pattern and colour.
5. Traditional style design with a brilliant pop of colour.
6. It's unusual to see a word cloud on a textile item but this really works.
7. Beautiful block print style detail on this elephant shaped cushion.
8. This mid century modern style cushion really stands out.
9. Crewel embroidered cushion, with two elephants facing.

For more elephants visit my Elephants board on Pinterest.
All links above are to Pinterest as some of the items pictured may no longer be available at their original link.

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