Saturday, 12 March 2016

Fabric shopping in Hong Kong Sham Shai Po

I've been working on a project at my day job that involved travelling to a conference last week in Hong Kong. After the conference I tacked on a few days holiday.

Hong Kong was never one of those places on my 'must visit' list but I really enjoyed it. Because of it's colonial past it is a very easy place to travel around as English is widely spoken.

While I was there I couldn't pass up a trip to the Garment District - Sham Shai Po. It's really easy to get to - about half a dozen stops on the MTR red line from central.

Hong Kong MTR // Embellished Elephant

Take exit A2 then walk a couple of blocks until you get to Ki Lung Street. When I went on a Friday morning there was a small market between the MTR exit and Ki Lung Street.

Ki Lung Street Market // Embellished Elephant

Ki Lung Street is the street with fabric shops and fabric stalls.

Fabric shop signage // Embellished Elephant

I only walked down a couple of blocks that was enough to fill my bag. Mostly from this shop ...

Fabric shop interior // Embellished Elephant

Also along Ki Lung Street there are shops selling leather.

Leather shop // Embellished Elephant

There was a lot of cheap polyester around but I haven't yet graduated to sewing with slippery fabrics so I left them alone.

Very cheap fabric // Embellished Elephant

The other surrounding streets have ribbons, buttons, beads etc.

Button shop // Embellished ElephantBead Shop // Embellished Elephant

Ribbon shop // Embellished Elephant

This wonderful blog covers everything you need to know about the garment district, how to find it and what is on offer.

At the time I visited the exchange rate was about £1 = HK$10.5
This is my haul - going clockwise from top left:
  • Black chinese style floral fabric good quality cotton HK$50 per yard 
  • Black floral cotton lawn HK$40 per yard
  • Safari print canvas (since when have kangaroos been safari animals?) HK$25 off cut
  • Chinese style fabric in blue and red/black HK$35 per yard
  • Blue / purple repeating horizontal panels HK$5 (YES 50p!) per yard 
  • Blue floral fabric draped cotton/polyester mix HK$40 per yard
Fabric haul // Embellished Elephant

I walked back to the MTR station a slightly different way and unintentionally came across bead shops. I didn't want to add to my stash but I couldn't help it ... most of this was just HK$10 or less per pack.

Bead haul // Embellished Elephant

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