Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Paper gems

I'm a bit behind in my crafting and reviews but with a nice long break between Christmas and New Year, rain outside and Mollie Makes issue 62 popping through the door I thought I'd get stuck into that free kit first designed by Mini Eco.

I have to admit that I'm not really a paper crafter but it is always fun to try something new.

The kit itself is fairly basic, just comprising of a wooden template and some pieces of paper (approx a  quarter sheet of A4 each). There are few things that you need to locate from your craft stash to complete the project, which is usual for Mollie Makes kits and they are things that most people will have available - pencil, ruler, glue, scissors, needle (or compass). The instructions didn't list that you might need a mat or something else to lean on to prevent scratching your table top when scoring (and that isn't obvious from the pictures either).

Drawing round the template and cutting out are fairly straightforward. The scoring of the lines was less so as it was difficult at first to know how hard to score to allow for a crisp fold. On my first couple of gems I scored a bit too hard and had to do some patching on the reverse side with tape. Folding was a little tricky especially at the top, and I found the accuracy of the scoring greatly affected how easy it was to fold the top part crisply.

Gluing was the most difficult bit. That might be partly down to my glue (supermarket pritt stick) but also just getting the last panel glued was tricky as you had two tabs that needed sticking in place at the same time. In the end I perfected a kind of glue and pinch method to make sure each panel stuck well. The needle can also be used to help manipulate the last tabs in place. You can't really spot the slightly dodgy sticking in this picture!

Mollie Makes paper gems free kit review :: Embellished Elephant

The picture on the instructions page showed a garland made from the paper gems but there was no hint about how best to construct this. I made mine into a garland by selecting some thin hemp cord that I had in my stash, threading this onto a sharp needle and carefully piercing through opposite sides about 5mm from the top point of the gem.

Mollie Makes paper gems free kit review :: Embellished Elephant

Overall I enjoyed making this free kit and the template makes it easy to replicate this project again using paper from your own stash (Tiger has a great selection if you don't have a stash!)

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