Sunday, 3 January 2016

Out and about :: Copenhagen

At the start of December I booked myself a weekend away in Copenhagen, for no other reason than I had some time free after finishing work for Christmas on 18th December before having to do things for Christmas.

I'd been once before but that was over a decade ago and since then there has been the Scandi TV revolution. So when I spotted a Killing/Bridge walking tour I booked myself on it (4pm every Saturday). I would have loved to go to the Borgen tour as well but my flight didn't land in time.
I spent a lot of my trip walking because the weather was nice a mild and dry (if you ignore the drizzle on the Saturday early evening which was the only time it rained). In total I walked 25 miles according to the pedometer on my phone!
Here are a few photo highlights from my trip starting with the obligatory picture of Nyhavn...
On Monday more walking, this time along the canal to see the little Mermaid, and then back to the centre via the Rosenborg Palace. The skies were a lovely deep blue early on which made the copper roof of this church really stand out.

No pictures from the tour due to the persistent drizzle making it difficult to see through my glasses let alone take any pictures, but it took us to the west of the central station to the meatpacking district which now houses bars and restaurants. Although I didn't visit any of those places that evening for my dinner I did go to an amazing Vietnamese restaurant close by the train station (and therefore my hotel).

I wandered through the various Christmas markets that were set up but the stalls were all much of a muchness and very commercial, very few handcrafted wares, which was a shame.

I also treated myself to a canal boat tour which was a thankful chance to sit down. I love this pic I took in the Christianshavn area as we passed through on the boat - the different shades of neutral colours are just delightful.

In the evening I headed off to Tivoli gardens. Whilst I'm not an fairground/amusement park kind of person, I did want to see it all lit up in Christmas lights (and I read there was a Christmas market there too) and it did look beautiful all lit up. It also gave me a chance to practice my night time photography.

If there was a Christmas market inside, I didn't find it. But there were plenty of Christmassy decorations about, including a huge tree decorated in gold and bronze decorations which looked lovely with the warm yellowy glow of the fairy lights on it.

I had lunch at one of the (touristy) restaurants off Nyhavn because I was knackered and needed a sit down, but saying that I really enjoyed my herring platter.

So that's a brief tour through my trip to Copenhagen. I did also visit the 3 storey Tiger store on the main shopping street luckily (or unluckily depending on your viewpoint) I didn't have that much space in my bag as I travelled with hand luggage only but I did pick up a couple of Christmas decorations I hadn't spotted in Tigers near me.

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