Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Felt Cactus

Back in November I headed to Brick Lane to Renegade Craft Fair, while I was there I picked up a felt cactus kit from the Make Arcade. I bought it for myself as a treat but when my other half was struggling to figure out what to get me for Christmas he bought off me so he could wrap it and give it to me as a Christmas present. Yep I'm a very understanding girlfriend, no I don't ever get bought flowers.

So despite purchasing it a couple of months ago. I only actually had it in my possession since the big day and only started making the cactus after all the familial duties that come with Christmas had been completed.

The Make Arcade Felt Cactus Kit Review :: Embellished Elephant
Photo: The Make Arcade

The kit comes in a plain card box with a colourful slip cover. The packaging and instructions were professionally printed on good quality paper. The instructions included all the templates for the project and these were colour coded so it was obvious which shapes you'd need to cut out of each colour of felt. However, the instructions were folded in order to fit into the box and that meant it was difficult to get the templates to lie flat.

The steps were easy to follow but I interpreted the instruction to "stuff well" a bit too literally and ran out of stuffing after 4 of the 6 parts. I had to unstuff and then restuff with a more moderate amount in each. The instructions were a bit brief when it came to stitching on the flower i.e. it didn't give you any tips about how best to go about this - but I figured it out based on the picture on the cover.

Overall I really enjoyed making it. I've worked with felt before but haven't made anything in 3D which was partly why I picked this kit of all of the ones they have available. The kit was well put together and I think the price was good for quality of the kit and the end make. Because the templates are printed on good quality paper it also felt like it was something you could replicate again just by buying a little more felt.

I'd recommend buying this kit if you are new to working with felt, new to stitching in 3D or just love cacti!

Here's my finished make. Finally one plant I can't kill by forgetting to water it.

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