Saturday, 30 January 2016

Elephants -- Cross Stitch

When I received the December Lucky Dip Club box I was thrilled that it included a cute cross stitch kit by Tea and Crafting. I haven't cross stitches for years, but was an avid cross stitcher in my youth, spending my pocket money on cross stitch magazines and supplies. Subsequently I graduated to other crafts but cross stitch is such a fun and easy craft to do. To celebrate my return to cross stitching here are some elephant cross stitch patterns I found on Pinterest this month.

Cross stitch elephants college :: Embellished Elephant

1. The simple geometric outline is very effective in this pattern.
2. This colourful floral elephant is beautiful and very intricate.
3. Another geometric design but this one makes use of a range of colours to create a real impact.
4. The repeating design is very unusual and would work well on a cushion cover.
5. Large cross stitches make up this simple design.
6. Another intricate design creating a beautiful elephanty effect.
7. This pattern filled elephant could be created using a range of colourways to suite any room.
8. I love the water spray patter that fills the interior of this elephant and calf.
9. A cute elephant family pattern that would be perfect for a nursery wall.

For more elephants visit my Elephants board on Pinterest.
All links above are to Pinterest as some of the items pictured may no longer be available at their original link.

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