Saturday, 7 November 2015

The Second Handmade Fair

Last year I went on the Friday and arrived just after it opened. This year I went on the Sunday and arrived at about midday (due to booking on workshops taking place later in the day). However, at that time the shopping tents were heaving and with the narrow gaps between some of the stalls it was just impossible to get to see very much.

My first session in the Super Theatre was on craft photography with Lyndsey James which was just excellent and I hope to put the tips into practice soon.

Then I went to the block printing grand make.

My final workshop was the last session of the day so between the Grand Make and Workshop I got a chance to shop. It was much quieter at this time so I picked up a few purchases.

Given the name of this blog I just had to buy this Elephant block for printing.

On it's own this doesn't look like much, but fill it with sparkly beads and it looks great. Purchased from Totally Beads.

When I saw these fat quarters on the Fabric Fox stall I knew I had to buy them. My initial though was to make some small purses with beaded/embroidered detail to fit in with the silvery printed pattern.

Last year I picked up a few small packs of vintage bits and pieces and I couldn't resist buying some more this year.

I bought a little pack of Christmas shapes from Artcuts last year that I made in to tree decorations. I couldn't resist this cross stitch pendant this year,

The final workshop was needle felting. I picked this workshop as there have been a few needle felting projects in Mollie Makes over the time I've been a subscriber and I've never tried this craft so I thought I'd give it a go.

I was very pleased with the finished object and I've already given it another go with a Hobbycraft kit I bought.

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