Saturday, 28 November 2015

Elephants -- Tea pots

This month I spotted these wonderful elephant tea pots on Pinterest. Aren't elephants just the perfect shape for a teapot? There was such a range of beautiful designs, here are some of the favourites that I found.

1. This reminds me of the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz
2. Just add a couple of ears to any teapot and you have yourself an elephant
3. Love the shape that creates the face and the rider who makes the lid handle
4. A vintage 1930s tea pot, the pinks contrast so beautifully with the main colour
5. The colour of this one is just gorgeous and has such a cute face too
6. Such ornate metal work on this tea pot
7. Love the trunk shape on this one - so different to the others
8. The texture on this tea pot gives it a real elephanty feel
9. Another vintage tea pot, this time from the 1950s, love the kitsch design - comes with elephant sugar bowl, milk jug and cups

For more elephants visit my Elephants board on Pinterest.
All links above are to Pinterest as a number of the items pictured are no longer available at their original link.

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