Saturday, 9 May 2015

York inspiration

An Easter trip to York led me to discover the beautiful quilt museum and take some inspiration from the gorgeous quilts as well as from the city itself.

York Minster rising above the roof tops.

Spring cygnets.

Source: The Times

The quilt museum is set in the upstairs of an old hall which is a wonderful space. The museum had three exhibitions on when I visited:
  • All shapes and sizes which included a range of modern and vintage quilts
  • 'Chinese whispers' - the concept of this was that one quilter was given a photo as inspiration to make a quilt, when that quilt was finished they quilter took a photo of their finished item to send to the next quilter and so on
  • Voices from the Inside which was fascinating exhibition of quilts created by prisoners

There is also a great shop in the quilt museum, I bought a Japanese style Sashiko quilting kit. I've stitched the design on the sashiko cotton and it looks great.

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