Saturday, 9 May 2015

Out and about :: A brief trip to York

In the years that I've been with my other half I've learned that if he says 'do you fancy a weekend in ...' it is normally because there is a football match in that place and he hasn't convinced his mates to take the trip with him.

For the Easter weekend the plan was to travel up to York on Thursday, for him to see a match in York on Friday before travelling on to Barnsley for his team's match on Saturday.

It was lovely and sunny on Thursday so we headed off to Clifford's Tower.

The hillside was covered in daffodils and geese were roaming around including some cute cygnets.

On Friday after a visit to the Jorvik viking centre we wondered towards the Minster. It being Good Friday they were letting people in for free (normally £10) there was a service going on though so we had to be on our best behaviour.

One lower league football match live in a weekend is enough for me so in the afternoon I took myself off to York's Quilt Museum while my other half headed to the match. It's only relatively recently that I've become interested in making quilts, although I've long admired their geometric designs.

The quilt museum is set in the upstairs of an old hall which is a wonderful space.

Source: The Times
The museum had three exhibitions on when I visited:
  • All shapes and sizes which included a range of modern and vintage quilts
  • 'Chinese whispers' - the concept of this was that one quilter was given a photo as inspiration to make a quilt, when that quilt was finished they quilter took a photo of their finished item to send to the next quilter and so on
  • Voices from the Inside which was fascinating exhibition of quilts created by prisoners
These exhibitions are all on until 9th May, so if you have an interest in crafts and are in the area it is well worth a visit - I just wish I'd taken my sketchbook to jot down a few ideas.

There is also a great shop in the quilt museum, I limited my purchases and just bought a Japanese style Sashiko quilting kit. I've stitched the design on the sashiko cotton and it looks great. The next step is to add the lining and fastening.

We stayed in York Central Travelodge which was in the edge of the shopping district but just a short walk. It also has a great range of eateries nearby - we tried Mumbai Lounge and Barbakan which were both amazing - if you are planning on going to either of these places I would recommend you book ahead as they were both very popular.

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