Saturday, 21 February 2015

New technique :: Tunisian crochet

I've been wondering about Tunisian crochet for a while, but the fact it needed a whole different type of hook put me off a bit. And then I was having a bit of a shopping spree and thought I'd have a look a Tunisian crochet hooks* and ended up ordering some!

So what to make? After seeing this post - I thought I'd try a scarf, I've been promising my other half I'd make him a scarf to replace one he lost. I bought the yarn from John Lewis in the order, but the scarf got put on the back burner whilst I finished off other projects for Christmas presents.

I headed over to Pinterest and found this tutorial. As with any other crochet stitch I'd quickly worked up quite a few rows, even managing to successfully change colour.

I loved the texture.

But when I showed it to my other half he declared it 'too bumpy' - the reverse is quite bumpy so I get his point so I'll have to find another project for my new found Tunisian crochet skills - but at least I've given it a go an learnt something new.

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