Saturday, 14 February 2015

Crochet hearts inspiration

The very first Valentines card I gave to my other half was handmade with lots of different coloured little crochet hearts. He still has that on display in his study amongst the CDs and football books.

So I thought I'd round up some of my favourite free crochet heart patterns this Valentines day.

1. I love this granny heart by Zooty Owl - she has some great projects. 
2. These hollow centre hearts are something a bit different and the button gives it a cute finish. 
3. This is a straightforward pattern for a little heart. Perfect for making into a scattered heart Valentines card.
5. When one heart ain't enough make a string of them!
6. For the jammy dodger lover in your life. This is going to feature on the Valentine's Day card I make this year. 
7. I've been looking for a rosy heart tutorial for ages - all the pins I found were just photos. 
9. The texture on these double sided hearts is great and they are made in a way that means you could stuff them too. 

If you want more crochet hearts head over to my Crochet board on Pinterest where you'll find these and many other crochet delights. 

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