Saturday, 7 February 2015

Crochet covered jars

This month's Mollie Makes was all about organisation and the minute I saw the cover stars I knew I had to make them.

The project involved trying a crochet technique new to me - tapestry crochet. I'm forever hunting for the right crochet hook and my knitting needles are scattered everywhere, so I picked two empty jam jars suitable for storing my hooks and needles and got crocheting.

The first jar I covered was the bigger, fatter one. For this jar I went with an ombre look round the middle. I just love this combination of colours and may well be covering another jar very soon with just the stripes and no cream yarn.

I love those colours so much ...

For the second jar I tried the tapestry technique, using my own design (the rounds on my jar were a multiple of 6 so the pattern was 4 stitches in the colour then 2 in cream for 4 rows, followed by 1 row of cream and then switching to the new colour etc etc).

This is a great project to try if you've never custom shaped crochet to another object such as a jar or if you've never tried a technique like tapestry crochet.

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