Saturday, 10 January 2015

Back office :: Making blog improvements

I've spent a bit of time today updating various bits of blog, both here on Embellished Elephant and over on my other half's blog Geordie Al's Groundhopper Scrapbook.

So what have I been playing around with?

I made this from photos from the blog arranged in a collage using Be Funky
Once I was happy with the arrangement of photos I saved it and headed over to PicMonkey to add the overlays and text.
Finally I used Irfanview to resize the banner to the correct number of pixels to upload it to Blogger.

Geordie Al requested three new pages to help find the match reports. Rather than just create a list of links I created some banners using Be Funky.

I made some social media buttons using PicMonkey, resized them in Irfanview and then followed this great tutorial to add them to my blog.

Making blog improvements post header
As I mentioned in my previous post I learned from my Christmas Crafts blogging experiment that the first image on a blog post appears for that post in Bloglovin'. As this post is a wordy bloggy kind of post I thought I'd make a post header image.
I headed over to PicMonkey and picked a shape I liked, changed the colour to my blog's colour. I saved that image and then went over to Pixlr because PicMonkey doesn't have my blog's font available in the text feature.

I've also been reading Blog Clarity and Xomisse which have some great tips/articles about blogging so I'm putting together a to do list to continue improving both blogs. Where do you go to learn about blogging? What improvements do you want to make to your blog this year?

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