Saturday, 31 January 2015

Crochet tea cosy

colourful crochet tea cosy ||

For Christmas I received a teapot, but it is plain and white so I decided to liven it up a bit. I had no particular pattern or design planned out before I started - I just started stitching and picked the colours and stitches as I went.

To custom make a tea cosy for your tea pot measure the circumference of the tea pot. Mine is nice and straight so I didn't have to worry about shaping. (If your teapot has curved sides - this tutorial explains how you would approach fitting to the curves.)

Crochet a chain to that length, you may need to reduce the chain by a few stitches if the chain is too stretchy. After working a couple of rows of basic stitches, you can then start working in more fancy stitches mixing and matching these with basic stitches.

Keep measuring my work against the teapot until the point where the bottom of the handle and spout join the teapot. Use stitch markers to mark the width of these. Take a few stitches off these measurements to give a snug fit.

When you reach the handle and spout you will need to work the cosy in two parts, one for each side. Once you reach the top of the spout and handle you can start working complete rounds again making sure you add the additional stitches you missed out for the handle and spout.

When you reach the top of the pot you need to start decreasing the number of stitches in the rounds you are working. I did this by divided 80 (my number of stitches) by 10 and therefore the repeat I worked was 8 stitches then stitching 2 together in repeat. On the next round I worked 7 stitches then stitching 2 together in repeat. I continued this until I had a small circle that fitted snugly round the lid handle.

The final step is to finish off around the spout, handle and lid holes with stitches to cover the end of the rows.

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