Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Tutorial :: Candy cane reindeer

I love this Christmas make, different versions of which using paper or felt you can find all over Pinterest.

Candy canes aren't really a 'thing' in the UK, or maybe it is just my house. But when I spotted a pile of them whilst standing in the queue at Poundland, I thought I'd pick up a box and have a go at making them to include in present bags this Chrstmas.

Making them is as simple as it looks ...

  • Brown yarn for the body and red yarn for the nose - I used some cheap acrylic stuff from the cheap shop that I had hanging round in my stash
  • White stickers - if you don't have any of those goggly eyes lying around
  • Black pen
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors

Tie the brown yarn round the candy canes.

Wrap the long end of the yarn round and round and round, making sure you wrap over the short loose end. 

Wrap as far down as you wish. When you get to the desired length cut off a tail of about 20cm and then on the reverse side knot the yarn and weave in the end, trimming off any excess.

Make a mini pom pom. I'm not the best pompom maker and never have been - it kind of doesn't matter as long as you end up with something nose like that isn't too huge.

I wrapped some red yarn round the shaft of a pair of scissors - so it was easy to slide off and then tied some yarn securely round the centre before snipping the loops open and trimming as required.

Sew the pompom nose onto the brown yarn body.

To make the eyes cut some oval shapes with a flat bottom and colour in the pupil with a black pen. Stick the eyes on the body just above the pompom nose.

And here is my version of the finished candy cane reindeer ...

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