Saturday, 20 December 2014

Finished make :: Glitter wooden ornaments

At The Handmade Fair back in September I bought some laser cut mini wooden ornaments. I was never quite sure what I was going to do with them until I saw these lovely decorations.

So today I set about trying to interpret this in my own way.

My first thought was to try my hand at decoupage. So I cut out some red tissue paper for the bauble shape and some tin foil for the bell shape.

Using some PVA craft glue and a old paintbrush I glued these on and trimmed around the edge of it was a snug fit.

But it just didn't look special enough so I dug out the glitter we'd bought last week and brushed another layer of glue on the paper before pouring the glitter on top of the shape.  I then touched up the edges with a bit more glue and pressed it into the excess glitter until I was satisfied with the coverage.

I also experimented with not adding any paper and just adding glitter and that seemed to give just as good an effect. After the first layer had dried I them gently painted glue on again and pressed the decoration into a puddle of glitter stars.

The final step was to add a hanging string - recycled from the glittery gift tags used on the panto costume. And here's the finished ornaments ...

Looking good on the tree too...

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