Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas tree topper

I love my little Christmas tree that I bought for about a fiver from Poundstrecher about 7 years ago.

The only thing that I haven't ever got round to resolving is the lack of something to sit on the top of the tree. 

I always wanted this to be the final make in my self imposed Christmas crafts challenge so here it is.

Pen, ruler, paper, scissors - for the template
Felt, pins, needle, thread, embellishments - for the star

Start off by creating your template.

Cut out two felt pieces in your template.

Start embellishing using whatever you want. My tree is red and silver so I decided my start would have silver embellishments. Work in rounds from the outside in. My first round was crouching some metallic thread near the edge.

Continue working towards the centre, I added sequins and then some glittery ribbon. 

I did debate about filling the central portions with beads, but I felt that would make the star quite heavy and it may not withstand its own weight so left it as it was as I liked the effect with the glittery ribbon as the centrepiece.

Once I'd added all the embellishments I wanted the final step was to stitch round the outside with some silver thread. I left an opening at the bottom so it can easily be slipped on and off the tree.

And here it is sitting proudly on top of my little tree...

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