Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Candy cane reindeer tutorial

I love this Christmas make. It's so quick and easy and is a lot of fun to make and give.

Source: Pinterest
You will need:
Brown yarn for the body
Red yarn or pre-made pompom for the nose 
Sticky eyes (or white stickers and a black pen)
Glue/glue dot/double sided sticky tape
Yarn needle

Start by tying the brown yarn round the candy canes. Wrap the long end of the yarn round and round and round, making sure you wrap over the short loose end. 

Wrap as far down as you wish. When you get to the desired length cut off a tail of about 20cm and then on the reverse side knot the yarn and weave in the end, trimming off any excess.

Make a mini pom pom (or take a bought one) and sew or stick onto the body. If you have pre bought eyes stick these to the body too. If you are using stickers cut some oval shapes with a flat bottom and colour the eyes with a black pen.

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