Sunday, 23 November 2014

Out and about :: Renegade Craft Fair

Yesterday I trotted of to The Old Truman Brewery off Brick Lane - a nice little tootle on the overground from Peckham. A lot of Designer/Makers I've bought things from in the past/follow on social media were there for the Renegade Craft Fair.

It was much bigger than the Crafty Fox Markets but I soon found it very frustrating to browse. Why?Well despite the huge space they'd crammed people in to one room meaning there were lots of corners. Corners that you couldn't get into if there was more than one other person browsing. Like the type of corners where Tate Modern insist on placing small works of art in their blockbuster shows and the stick an audio guide symbol next to them meaning you don't have a hope of seeing that piece. 

Anyway, I digress, at the Renegade Craft Fair the corner issue was easily rectified by doing two laps. Although there were definitely still stalls I didn't get a good look at even on two laps because I just couldn't get near them.

The other problem I had (and this was totally my own fault) is that I didn't have anything I needed to buy anyone for Christmas. Except maybe my brother but he's not a handmade kinda guy. So I didn't have a Mission. While it is nice sometimes to shop freely, but with so many stalls I felt a bit aimless.

Didn't stop me buying though ...

Map Notebook from House Of Ismay

Biscuit mug from Martha Mitchell Design

Cat in a Christmas Hat from Woah There Pickle

The above are all for my other half who frankly doesn't deserve any more pressies after I got him a new laptop this week but I suppose he needs something to open on Christmas morning...

Christmas Card from Birds in Hats

Birthday Card from Oh Squirrel

Alphabet book for my niece from Eightbear

Copper necklace from Pikku Potin

So some purchases from old favourites plus some new purchases from new sellers.

Not many sellers seemed to have their business cards on their stall. There were a couple that I liked the look of but they didn't have their cards available, and generally they were busy serving customers so I couldn't just ask. I'll try and track them down ... 

There was one stall who I nabbed a card from - Clara Francis - amazing beaded jewellery - very inspiring. 

The other inspiring thing from my visit was that given the number of stalls there wasn't anything similiar to the kind of things I make. So when I get myself a bit more sorted with making things to sell, I might be doing something different to the crowd.

The best bit of my day out was coming across a food hall and having an amazing 'mix plate' of Turkish food. Yum yum.

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