Sunday, 16 November 2014

Tutorial :: Embroidery hoop art

Yesterday I posted about my Pinspiration for my niece's Christening present. As you read this I'll be sitting in a Church in a small town in Staffordshire. Here's what I'll be handing over to my brother & his wife as a gift ...

How did I make it?

I started by sketching a few ideas from the Pins I'd seen, of these I liked the bunting and name idea the best.

After deciding on my final design I cut out some paper templates to work from.

I rummaged around my fabric stash and found some offcuts from making a couple of tops in the summer. After ironing them I stretched them across the hoop ready to start.

I chose a selection of Liberty print fabrics with hints of pinks and purples for the bunting and drew around my little template before cutting them out. The lettering was made from white felt stitched with a range of shades of pink. The embroidery floss was mostly from a pack I picked up from Poundland a couple of months ago.

First up was the stitch the bunting 'string'. I used a chain stitch to give the 'string' a bit of body and picked a creamy colour. To make sure I stitched in the right place I used a pen that disappears at the merest hint of water. I found that using the pen as a guide rather than stitching directly on top of it meant it was easier to remove the pen line with water afterwards.

Once I'd stitched the 'string' it was time to add the bunting. I stitched along the top and also added a tiny stitch at the point of the triangle to stop the little scrap of fabric curling up.

Next up was the lettering. I lined up and spaced the lettering as I wanted it I then pinned it in place. I worked from the outside inwards so that I was sure I wouldn't run out of space at either side.

Using different shades of pink and a simple backstitch gave a bit of interest to the lettering.

After stitching all the letters it was time to finish off the back. I had a look on Pinterest for how to finish the back of an embroidery hoop - a lot of the tutorials used glue, but I wanted a stitched back so kind of followed this tutorial.

First up was to gather the fabric. I used pinking shears to trim away the excess fabric leaving about a 2-3cm boarder. I then stitched a long running stitch all the way round and pulled on the thread to gather in fabric.

Using another hoop the same size I drew a circle onto white felt and cut it out. I stretched and pinned the felt before stitching it in place.

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