Friday, 10 October 2014

The Make Escape

I'd been wanting to go to The Make Escape for a while as the idea of being able to just turn up and try crafts for free seemed fantastic.

There wasn't much by way of instruction on the website you get a ticket from the cinema box office (for free) which then gets you into the Hackney Attic on the 5th floor.

By the time I arrived (at the start time) there were already quite a few people there. The peg loom weaving looked good but the table was full so I headed on over to the braiding table.

The first step was to cut out a braiding wheel such as the one here and stick it to some card.
The next step was to cut out 8 pieces of yarn about 3 times the length of the braid you wanted to make, so if you were after a bracelet, wrap the yarn round your wrist three times to get the right length.

The 8 strands of yarn are then tied together in a knot and threaded through the hole in the middle of the wheel. Then it was time to string the wheel. 

Concentration is really required until I you get the hang of the braiding action. Chatting whilst braiding was difficult - I often lost my place and had to look at the folds to see where I was at. But once you got the rhythm the braid actually grows quite fast 

I love the pop of pink that stands out against the greys and blues.

It was great fun to sit around, have a drink and chat whilst crafting. 

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