Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Review :: Pretty purse free kit

I'll get straight to the point, why give away a free gift if you don't include everything someone might need to make it?

I can find a pair of scissors, a needle and thread but I don't just have 'strong fabric glue' hanging around. So this free kit was doomed to fail before I started.

The other thing I found odd was the instructions resulted in unsightly seams on the inside of the purse so I went off-piste and stitched the outside and inside layer separately and then nested them inside of each other.

I thought I might be able to sqeeze the purse clasp together to pinch the fabric in place but they just weren't budging. So it's just there in it's constituent parts waiting for me to get some 'strong fabric glue'.

So this is what my unfinished item looks like and how it is destined to remain until I get myself some 'strong fabric glue' ...

And this is what it's meant to look like ...

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