Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Review :: Sausage dog free kit

This was one of the free gifts I picked up visiting the Mollie Makes tent at the Handmade Fair.

The free gift was from issue 31, September 2013, before I started subscribing. It was designed by Jane Foster and it seems she has some similar designs available to buy as kits on her website.

Making this up was very straightforward and the instructions were clear. It's a bit crumpled though as the fabric was quite stiff when turning it the right side out

This is what my finished dog looks like ...

And this is how it should look ...

Pretty good outcome. My only thought about this kit is what are you meant to do with it once you've made it - what is it's purpose? It's a bit small as a cuddly toy for example.

I had two thoughts 1) pin cushion or 2) put some of my recently dried lavender from my lavender plants inside it and put it in drawer to make my undies smell nice.

What did you end up doing with this free kit?

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