Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Review :: Crochet flower frame free kit

Another issue of Mollie Makes (number 45) another crochet free gift - the last crochet gift was only 2 issues ago.

This was an interesting technique of crocheting around a piece of card. I consider myself quite an experienced crocheter but I found it quite difficult to keep the stitches quite tight - that may be because the card I used wasn't that thick.

As with my review of the cherry brooch, the yarn provided was nice to work with, but the crochet hook provided was a bit flimsy.

The only thing lacking from this project was any clue on how to attach your chosen image to the frame ... I just used a bit of sellotape. I'm not sure how I'd attach it if I was making it for someone else.

So how did I do ...

The end result was great - I can imagine knocking up a few of these and putting letters in the middle to spell out someone's name. In this instance I just picked some scrap paper from a pack I bought from Tiger stores.

This is what it looked like in the magazine. You can barely tell the difference!

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