Thursday, 16 October 2014

Review :: Boho feathers free kit

I liked the idea behind the free gift with Mollie Makes issue 44 but as with the shoe clips free kit (which I wrote about on my previous blog) I just couldn't ever see me wearing it. This is why I've only just got round to reviewing this free kit. So I did a bit of a hack using the materials provided. 

I loved the contrast of the gold and pink colours and used the two sheets of faux leather as the front and back of a purse. I stitched these together using the thread provided and then stitched the pink felt to the pink panel at the back to create a flap. 

I trimmed about 3cm off the end of the felt and about 2mm either side so that it was the same size as the faux leather.

The next step was to add a fastening. I cut a small slit about 2mm by 5mm in the front panel in the centre about 3cm from the bottom. Using a short length of the cord (about 8cm) I threaded on the bead and then poked both ends through the slit securing with a knot.

The other side of the fastening, the loop, was made by cutting about 6cm of cord and binding the ends together using the thread. Small stitches either side of the loop secured it to the inside of the flap. 

I've not worked with faux leather before and it was quite nice to work with so I may seek out some more in the future.

Et voila one small purse ...

I wasn't totally happy with my fininshed product and when I read this post on The DIY Fox blog. What Helen made with her free gift materials made me think about re-purposing the materials (again) into some little hair accessories for my neices, so watch this space.

Oh yes, this is what the free gift should have made ...

The design was by blogger Lotts and Lots - she has some great ideas and tutorials on her blog so even if (like me) this one wasn't your cup of tea do have a look at some of her other makes.

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