Saturday, 25 October 2014

Elephants -- Knit & crochet

After purchasing the wonderful book Edward's Menagerie at The Handmade Fair, the first animal I made was Bridget the Elephant. I would absolutely encourage you to buy this book, but in the meantime if you want to make a toy elephant here are some of the free elephant knitting & crochet patterns I've found this month

1. Elephant by Vanessa - this crochet elephant looks pretty sturdy and his ears are huge
2. Elephant book ends - if you don't have a small person in your life to crochet an elephant for, how about some book ends?
3. Knitted Toy Elephant - love the textured trunk on this pattern
4. Rainbow Elephant - if you're making a crochet elephant there is no reason why it needs to be grey
5. Applique Elephant - if 3D isn't your thing how about a simple little crochet elephant that you can sew onto a blanket or outfit or make into a brooch
6. Flo the Elephant - I love the edge stitching of this knitting pattern.
7. Oliver the Elephant - he has a cute little tuft of hair which just gives this crocheted elephant bags of personality
8. Babar the Elephant - crown and cape or green suit and bowler hat - gotta love an elephant in clothes (Raverly link)
9. Ami's Elephants - these are another crocheted critter but they're very cute with the patterned fabric on their ears

For more images of elephants visit my Elephants board on Pinterest.

All links above are to the actual website, as websites come and go I can't guarantee that by the time you read this that the pattern will still be there and/or be free.

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