Saturday, 11 October 2014

Out and about :: Crafty Fox Autumn Market

So last weekend was Crafty Fox Market Autumn Markets.

I'd mentioned it to my Mum ages ago and my parents ended up inviting themselves down for a visit on Sunday and suggested we went along. 

But seeing as there were different traders on both days I decided to go along on my own on Saturday.

Before heading to Brixton I paid my first visit to The Pigeon Hole Cafe in Camberwell. I had a flick through the latest edition of Mollie Makes magazine whilst drinking a pot of tea and relaxing to the jazz being played in the cafe. I didn't partake in any of the food so will pop back in there again in the future to try that out.

I was keen to go to the Crafty Fox Market on Saturday as there were a couple of traders there who I'd bought things from previously - Pikku Potin and Oh My Clumsy Heart. It was no surprise that I ended up walking away with another item from each of them. 

The new pot is sitting proudly next to the previous purchase on the shelf in my living room. The pots look great but even better than that the plant I bought in April is still alive - it turns out I'm not as green fingered as I'd always hoped I'd be so I'm always looking for houseplants that can stand up to my neglect.

As soon as I saw this necklace I wanted it! I love the simple geometric design and it's had two outings already this week.

I also picked up a few more cards. I'm getting a growing collection of London themed cards that I'm popping in frames. At some point in the future, when the hallway finally gets painted, I anticipate that they will join the old photos of Camberwell and Peckham that I bought from Greenwich Market that are currently the only thing decorating the hall. This one from Victoria Eggs has joined the collection.

The final purchase I made was of these colourful cards from Cha Com Letras. I'm a sucker for a discount and the butterflies and animals were already in my hands so I selected the birds as my final card in the 3 for 2 offer.

I think the butterflies will also make it into a frame - for the living room I'd like a collection of colourful pictures to match the red sofa and curtains and the multi colour rug.

On Sunday en famille we hopped on the bus to Brixton. After a search for a cash machine without a queue and then finding that no-one actually needed any cash after all ... we headed to the Dogstar for some browsing. My Dad was impressed with how busy it was, my Mum was impressed by how the traders could fit so much on their little tables, my other half was impressed that he could be left at the bar with a beer and as always I was impressed by how professional all the items were.

More limited purchases on Sunday but I walked away with two plates from Jimbob - my other half had seen them on my iPad as I was browsing the traders before coming and he has a birthday coming up so that's one present sorted! 

He also chose this card for a friend's birthday from Oh My Gee.

Whilst I just loved the sea otters (who wouldn't?)

My mum also gravitated to the textile stitched jewellery (if you look at my Mum's website you'll probably guess why) and walked away with a couple of buttons one for her and one for her friend in Canada.

The plan was then to go to Brixton Village for food but it was so crazy busy there that we hopped on a bus back to Camberwell and ate our own weight in Turkish food.

You can explore the full list of traders from Saturday here and the full list of Sunday traders is here.

I did this last year when I wasn't able to attend the Christmas Market and found a couple of pressies for my family this way so - do take some time to browse and explore all the wonderful work on show.

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