Sunday, 21 September 2014

Review :: Cherry brooch free kit

I'm a bit behind with my reviews of magazine free gifts. So lets start with the kit that came with Mollie Makes issue 43 - a crochet cherry brooch.

I love to crochet so this wasn't anything particularly new to me. It was a fairly simple make if you do have crochet experience, although if you don't there weren't any basic instructions or even anything pointing you to a useful tutorial online. 

The yarn provided in the kit was nice to work with, but did have a tendancy to split - again OK for an experienced crocheter but would be difficult if you are a beginner. 

A crochet hook was provided but it was very flimsy, I thought a couple of times it might snap, but as I couldn't locate an alternative 3mm hook in my stash I stuck with it.

The only thing I changed was a couple of stitches joining the two cherries together as I was weaving in the ends, This was because I was finding the two cherries had a mind of their own and were twisting around each other in an unsightly way.

So here's my finished make ...

And from the back ...

Looks pretty much like what was pictured in the magazine.

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