Saturday, 13 September 2014

Back office :: Customer service

I haven't posted much recently, having been on holiday for 2 weeks at the end of August, I had plans for writing a heap of blog posts, tweets and posting pictures to Flickr and Instagram on my return...

The stumbling point has been my broadband has been broken since I got back from holiday. That was TWO WEEKS AGO. Yes it's taken 2 weeks for my broadband company to diagnose the simple fact that my router had broken.

All in all I've had a pretty poor experience as a customer getting my broadband up and running again. It took me 6 phone calls and an escalation to a supervisor and even now it's back reeeeeaaaaaalllllllyyyyy ssssssslllllllloooooowwwww so I'm resigned to yet more calls and frustration. 

During my journey to this point I've experienced misinformation, inadequate explanations, 72 hour SLAs, missed SLAs, being told I have to request a refund, promised phone calls not returned - including a call from a supervisor that was promised and didn't happen.

I can't remember the last time I had such a poor experiences as a customer nod this is from a broadband provider who prides themselves on their customer feedback.

So why am I telling this story?

Well I have 2 weeks of frustration that I want to get off my chest. But mostly it's really hit home to me how important great customer service is.

In my day job, the team I work is receives queries from customers (although where're not a customer service team) and so I understand SLAs (service level agreements) responding to customers and the importance of being proactive.

So all this got me thinking about customer service for a craft business ...

What are SLAs for responding to queries?
What are SLAs for despatching items?
How to make sure SLAs aren't missed?
What to do to ensure great customer service?
How to be proactive or 'delight customers'?
What is the complaints process?
What is the refund policy?

That's just a few to get started, I'm sure there are many more.

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