Saturday, 16 August 2014

Tutorial :: Wrapped Bracelets

By the time this is published I will be in the air somewhere over Northern Europe on my way to Helsinki for the first stop in my holiday. Before I left I made these bright and beautiful bracelets - below is a tutorial for how to create them.

A while ago I bought some very cheap bracelets from Primark with the thought of crocheting around them. They've been sitting in my stash for at least 18 months until one day recently I just wanted a little project to do whilst watching some telly. I selected some colourful crochet cotton from my stash - you could also use embroidery floss or thin yarn.

Here's how I made the red one:

All you need is the bracelet you want to wrap, the thread you want to use, a needle and a pair of embroidery scissors.

Tie a knot to secure the thread.

Wrap the thread round making sure that you also wrap round the loose end (hold it on the inside of the bracelet). Its easier to do this if you just cut a length of thread but the difficulty is not knowing how long the thread needs to be. So although it takes a bit longer I pass the spool through the centre of the bracelet on each wrap.

Once you've wrapped the whole bracelet tie a knot to secure the thread. and weave in the ends with the needle - do this on the inside of the bracelet.

For the red bracelet I wrapped it again in a contrasting thread to create a criss cross pattern.

Once again knot the thread to secure and weave in the ends on the inside of the bracelet. Trim all the loose ends.

What about the other designs in the first picture?

  • The yellow and orange bracelet was created by alternate wraps in each colour
  • The green one was created by wrapping portions of the bracelet in each colour - rather than join and sew in the ends each time the colour was changed just carry the thread not in use along on the inside of the bracelet wrapping over for each pass through until you are ready to change colours again.
  • The blue one was created using a different style of bracelet that already had twists in its design. The wrapping here was laid in the twists and used two contrasting colours.

I think they look great together and were a lot simpler to create than crocheting them. I still have a few bracelets left from the pack I bought so do you have any other recommendations for jazzing them up a little?

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