Saturday, 16 August 2014

Wrapped Bracelets tutorial

I love these bright and beautiful bracelets and they are so simple to create.

Here is how you make these:

Source some cheap plain metal bracelets - these came from Primark.
The only other things you need is some colourful thread (I used crochet cotton), a needle and a pair of sharp scissors.

Start by tying a knot to secure the thread.

Wrap the thread round making sure that you also wrap round the loose end (hold it on the inside of the bracelet). Its easier to do this if you just cut a length of thread but the difficulty is not knowing how long the thread needs to be. So although it takes a bit longer I passed the spool of thread through the centre of the bracelet on each wrap.

Once you've wrapped the whole bracelet tie a knot to secure the thread. and weave in the ends with the needle - do this on the inside of the bracelet.

You can then customise the bracelet further. In this case I wrapped the bracelet again in a contrasting thread to create a criss cross pattern.

Once again knot the thread to secure and weave in the ends on the inside of the bracelet. Trim all the loose ends.

You can create other designs by creating alternate wraps in different colours, wrapping a portion in one colour before switching to another, using the design of the bracelet and wrapping around any particular features.

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