Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Sorbetto tops

After making the Clémence skirt I turned to the Sorbetto top pattern.

Judging from some of the pins on Pinterest I'm about 3 years late on the obsession with the Sorbetto top pattern by Colette patterns. But it doesn't matter - it's a great pattern and very easy to sew because the instructions are so clear.

I had to alter the pattern slightly by shortening the length of the shoulder, this rectified gaping under the arm and the neckline falling too low for my preference.

This pattern requires bias binding and I made my own using this tutorial.

The fabric I used was some pre-cut cotton I bought from John Lewis £15 for 1.5 metres, it's about as thick as the cotton poplin that I used for the Clémence skirt.

And I loved the pattern so much I made a second one. This time using some cotton lawn, again from John Lewis costing about £5 per metre.

This time I tried the continuous method for making bias binding tape. This had a few more joins in it but is good if you only have small lengths of fabric left.

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