Sunday, 17 August 2014

Finnish design inspiration

I'm in Helsinki on the first stop of my holiday that will take in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. On my previous visit to Helsinki I discovered Marimekko designs, here are some of their designs that caught my eye recently.

2. Taapeli design, repinned from Marimekko's own Pinterest boards
3. Blue dotty design (can't find the name for this) again taken from Marimekko's Pinterest boards
4. Bright line drawn florals no name attributed, but from Marimekko's Pinterest boards
5. Melooni, repinned from Marimekko's Pinterest boards
6. Classic Unikko poppy I even saw a lady walking round Helsinki wearing a jacket with this print
7. Another variation on the Unikko poppy, I just love the calm colours. Have a look at the 50 years of Unikko pages to see loads of other variations
8. Kultakero love the hills, the trees and the colours in this design
9. Lakia again repinned from Marimekko's boards, this reminds me a bit of some of the lovely Africa textiles I see out and about in and around Peckham

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