Friday, 15 August 2014

Finished make :: Cat Tent

Alongside the sewing adventures I've been having I've also had time to finally make a cat tent! 
Inspired by Pinterest my other half happily donated one of his old I ❤ NYC t-shirts and proceeded to watch as I gave myself a blister trying to open up the wire coat hangers for the tent frame.

What I did find with the inspiration pin and others I looked through was that they didn't really give instructions on how to secure the t-shirt to the frame once you'd constructed it. I decided to go with some safety pins along the back to close the opening and some more on the side to keep the arms secure.

Because we know our cat likes to sit on piles of our clothes - I've had to re-wash loads of clean laundry several times because I've carelessly left them somewhere he can snuggle down on - I placed an old unwanted shirt in the bottom of the tent to encourage him in.

Here's the finished tent in use (the one and only time I've seen him use it):

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