Friday, 27 June 2014

Tate Britain inspiration

I headed to the British Folk Art exhibition at the Tate Britain today.

There were some really interesting pieces and I thought the arrangement of the exhibition was very good with bright coloured walls and objects spread out so you could get up close and see the details.. But there was almost a bit too much space and a few too many objects and one glaring omission from the exhibition - no painted canal barge artefacts.

I took time to draw a few sketches as I moved through the exhibition. I prefer doing a few sketches rather than just take a photo as I feel it helps me to understand how the work has been put together.

This one was a sketch of a segment of a quilt called 'Drunkard's Path'. I thought it was a really striking design in just white and red.

After the Folk Art exhibition I had a quick wonder through the present day to 1930s works and did a few more sketches.

I do try and make the time to revisit my rough sketches into neater ones while the images are still fresh in my mind. This is a notebook I dug out from a trip to Stockholm about 7 years ago.

At Tate Britain it wasn't just the works of art that caught my eye - parts of the architecture of the building itself gave me some ideas.

A wall.

A floor.

A bannister.

A window.

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