Friday, 20 June 2014

Back office :: Setting up the web stuff

So I thought I'd put together a few blog posts as I'm doing back office work to get everything set up on Embellished Elephant as I've found it really interesting to read hints and tips from other bloggers over the past few months.

Some I'd recommend you taking a look at if you are starting out are:

  • Blog Clarity - a blog about blogging - the 10 minute blog touch up series is especially good
  • While She Naps - a blog about sewing soft toys but also has great sections on blogging and business
  • Sew McCool - another sewing blog but this was the first blog I read that made me realise you could make money from blogging.
  • Amuse Your Bouche - mainly a food blog but there are some blog hints and tips hidden away.
  • Buffer Blog - very in depth posts on things like social media - a lot of their posts I'll be going back to when I've got all my social media sorted out

There are many others but these are the ones I found interesting and helpful.

I've come across all these by being an active reader of blogs and following recommendations on other blogs I've read. I've only really been an active reader of blogs since I 'discovered' bloglovin. 

So this post is all about getting the technology side all set up.

After thinking of the name I did a google search as well as searching all the social media sites I was intending to use to make sure the name wasn't taken by anyone else.

After deciding this was the name I wanted I created this blog, added my first post and wrote my about page.

The next step is to start adding in features to my blog. Google analytics is already added as thanks to reading Sew McCool I see how interesting/important it is to see how your site is growing. I'll be adding other features such as linkwithin, follow me buttons etc in due course - but that's something I can build up over time.

I've also set up a range of different social media options. Some of these I'm already active on such a Pinterest, some which I've kind of used before but not in the context of promoting a business (Facebook), some I have flirted with but didn't last long (twitter) and some I've not tried before (Instagram).

In the meantime I've starting to think about some content for this blog. What I've learned over the past couple of months of working on my previous blog is the importance of planning your content and doing some prep in advance. Some of the features I've included in that blog will transfer over here when I'm fully up and running with Embellished Elephant.

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