Friday, 27 June 2014

Inspiration :: Tate Britain

Today I took a day off work. I have a habit when I take a day off work of lounging on the sofa and before I know it my day off has vanished. So I was determined to go out and explore today.

It had been a while since I'd been to an exhibition. The conversation in our house normally goes...
me - 'I quite fancy going to see the ?? exhibition'
him - 'me too'
me - 'so when shall we go?'
him - 'next weekend'
And then next weekend comes and other arrangements have been made and we never end up going.

Anyway I knew I was on safe ground with the British Folk Art exhibition at the Tate Britain - there was no way he'd want to go to that so off I trotted today.

There were some really interesting pieces and I thought the hanging was very good - bright coloured walls, objects spread out. But there was almost a bit too much space and a few too many objects. As a couple of (very loud) ladies walking through the exhibition in front of me said there were so many things that they could have included such as painted barge artefacts.

I took time to draw a few sketches as I moved through the exhibition. Although I'm not particularly good at drawing I do like doing a few sketches rather than just take a photo as I feel it helps me to understand how the work has been put together.

This one was a sketch of a segment of a quilt called 'Drunkard's Path'. I thought it was a really striking design in just white and red.

After the Folk Art exhibition I had a quick wonder through the present day to 1930s works and did a few more sketches.

I do try and make the time to revisit my rough sketches into neater ones while the images are still fresh in my mind. This is a notebook I dug out from a trip to Stockholm about 7 years ago.

Anyway back at the Tate Britain it isn't just the works of art that caught my eye - parts of the architecture of the building itself gave me some ideas.

A wall ...

A floor ...

A bannister ...

A window ...

I like geometric shapes, repeating patterns and blocks of colours, so will be using all these along with the sketches I made as inspiration for future designs.

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