Sunday, 22 June 2014

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Having a look at some of the designer/makers who were selling at the Crafty Fox Market I went to back in April (which I blogged about on my other blog) and reading more and more craft blogs, having a consistent design for your web presence gives a really professional look.

I work for a big company which has gone through a couple of re-brandings in the time I've worked there. What that has meant is 'brand training' and 'brand guidelines' issued to make sure everyone uses the brand consistently.

So I've started thinking about the branding and design of Embellished Elephant including:
Font style & size
Logo / banner
Colour palette 
Photo style
Tone of voice

Once I've played around with the design (the fun stuff) I'll then produce myself a mini branding document so that I can be as consistent as possible between my website and social media accounts.

I've had a go at making a couple of banners today. They were fairly quick to make and I used Google Drawing as I don't have Photoshop or anything advanced like that. Just a bit of cropping and the addition of a text box.

For the first one I'm not sure about the quality of the image, the 'join line' down the middle or whether I want an actual embellished elephant as my logo ... (although I did have fun making the elephant this morning - I'll find a home for him somewhere).

The second one I'm much happier with ... and this is the one that will be the banner certainly for a while - I'm trying to decide if I should have a logo - if I do then I'll need to encorporate that into the design somewhere.

You may notice that I've chosen some fonts - 'Over the rainbow' for the blog title. In the course of looking for fonts I discovered Google fonts - never knew it was there - anyway I spent quite a lot of time browsing and deciding what fonts I wanted to use. I've combined this with Josefin Sans for the body text which I think is nice and simple but a bit different.

As for colours, I've gone for a pinky red colour as an accent with grey text and a white background, I wanted to keep the style quite clean.

So I just need to work on my photo style and tone of voice which will come as I start blogging more of Embellished Elephant.

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