Friday, 18 April 2014

Crochet cushion covers tutorial

Crochet cushion covers

The spare bedroom was decorated pretty soon after we moved in but we weren't very adventurous and just went for magnolia. So I was determined to make the spare room seem cosy via the soft furnishings, especially as one wall is taken up with book cases mainly fully of football programmes.

So with chocolate coloured curtains, and a duvet and pillow cover set from Ikea in neutral colours with a hint of turquoise I wanted to make some handmade crochet cushions to finish off the room.

I didn't want to just use a plain crochet stitch so I used a pattern I just love from Crochet Today! magazine (Ravelry link)

With this project being cushion covers I didn't follow the whole pattern and just crocheted enough rounds to fit the cushions.

For the cushion covers, I measured the cushions - they were about 42cm x 42cm. I used offcuts from a pair of Ikea curtains and cut a piece of fabric about 45 cm wide and about 100 cm long. To create the hems on the two shorter ends I folded over the fabric by about 1cm and the folded it over by the same amount again. To make the envelope cover I folded lengthways so there was anoverlap of about 5 cm or so between the two shorter ends making sure the total size taking was about 42cm.

Once I'd made the fabric cover I measured the crocheted piece and added any rows of single crochet to make it to the correct size. I then pinned and stitched the crocheted piece by hand to the fabric cover with a simple slip stitch.

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